Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holy Crap, I'm a mom and a wife

Hi, I'm M.  Wife to BB (Big B), Mommy to B. BB and I have been married for almost three years now.  Time sure has flown by since the night we met in the bar {cue fairy tale music}.

We tried for just over a year to get pregnant. We started to do some testing.  BB had to do it into a cup, his swimmers were totally fine. Crap, that meant it was probably me, and it was.  I had a laperoscopy to remove endometriosis (too deep for the first post? nah!) and then BOOM! Knocked up!  I had an easy pregnancy up until the 7th month.  I got put on bed rest, went in and out of the hospital a few times, but it was all worth it.

Our first and only child, B is just over 9 months old.  What a silly little boy he is turning into.  I could have never imagined how much or how hard I'd fall in love with this little guy.  He came into the world 4 weeks early, spent a few nights in the NICU for a mild case of jaundice and has barely left my sight since.

We have two puggles.  Not the smartest dogs on the planet, but they sure are loving.  The little one was my baby before B was born. She went everywhere with me.  Now she just doesn't know what to do.  She lets B yank on her ears, screach at her, pull her tail; all just to sit near us. poor girl.  The bigger one likes BB. He just wants to sit on the couch and watch TV.  He doesn't go out of his way to get away from B, but he sure doesn't make it his job to check things out with him.  Both dogs have health issues. Seriously, wtf dogs?! One has seizures, one has thyroid issues. Both on meds twice a day.  Both hate taking meds....twice a day.

We just moved from BB's (Big B--Daddy of B, Husband of M) hometown in Indiana back to mine in Michigan. I am more than thrilled to be back home!

No idea where this blog will go, but I've recently (as in, um...this weekend) got into doing a few DIY projects.  I also like to cook, and I really should cook dinner more often, but usually am trying to throw the mess into closets and under beds before BB gets home from work.   So, maybe I'll share some projects and recipes!

A lot of silly things happen in my life, I have funny friends and family that make my life amazingly me at least. I'm sure I'll write about that too.  We'll see if you think I'm half as funny as I think I am.

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