Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony.

Oops, I meant to post this a few days ago...

My Hubs and I have been watching since the whole thing started in the summer of 2008.  I remember packing for our honeymoon watching Nancy Grace (this was before she was super-hella annoying) being amazed by the whole thing.  We watched every night.

Now I'm addicted to the trial.  I've been waiting for it since they found sweet baby Caylee's body.

My theory is and has always been that she was drugging her kid so she could go out and party.  One night it went wrong.  Well, that's what I think at least.   Casey's mom, Cindy, said that she was the one that "accidentally" looked up chloroform. I doubt it. I don't know if I could not at least try to help my child out.  I mean she already lost her granddaughter, now possibly lose her daughter?

The whole thing is a circus. and the whole family seems pretty screwed up.

This Kronk guy who found the body is acting a little shady.  I wonder what he doing, maybe covering his own behind? he's changed his story a few

If it wasn't Casey who killed her sweet, beautiful child I'll be shocked, along with millions of other people. I really hope the truth comes out though.

But who am I kidding, she did it.

Who does that!?

Drunk Woman Shoots Cop with Breastmilk

"We thought this was a given, but let us reiterate: we are huge fans of breastfeeding and are fully aware that a mama’s milk does babies good, but it should not be used as a weapon.
Ohio woman Stephanie Robinette whipped her breast out of her dress on Saturday and started squirting police with her breast milk when they responded to a domestic dispute call her husband made about her. Apparently she had gotten drunk at a wedding and struck him several times before locking herself in a car.
Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said, "This is a prime example of how alcohol can make individuals do things they would not normally do," which is really giving Robinette the benefit of the doubt. After I throw back a few drinks I usually want to just sing a lot of karaoke. But to each her own.
Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and Robinette has since apologized. "I have no criminal record; I take these charges very seriously and I absolutely intend to seek help for substance abuse with alcohol because alcoholism does run in my family," she said. It sounds like Robinette, a teacher at a charter school, has learned this lesson the hard way."
From Parenting.Com

I mean she looks pretty classy, so this must have been totally necessary.

Okay, Okay...I'll admit, I've done it.  But only to my husband and only because it was hilarious to watch him process what was happening.   But seriously, I would spray a whole lot of people with my boobs before I spray a cop!  (The line up as of now is: Hubs, Little dog,  a homeless guy,  Matt Lauer, then Cop, ..a few down the line..My dad and then Jesus.  I only put Jesus after my dad because I don't think dad would approve of me spraying Jesus in the face with breastmilk.)

For real though, glad she's getting help, because Who does that?!