Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weight Watchers **updated**

Ya know how I'm like a super fantastic blogger?  I'm that good at Weight Watchers too.

I started WW in January when my son was 3 months old.  Over the next 5 months I dropped 29lbs without doing much of anything.  ( Well, wait, I went from 217lbs when I delivered B down to around 155lbs. Too bad I didn't start WW when I weighed that awful 217lbs! I started somewhere around 185lbs) . Anyways, I  worked out a bit, but only because I needed to get out of the house and I ate whatever I wanted.  Pumping and being able to feed an army of infants was awesome. I could eat fast food and drink regular soda and still lose weight.  Now that I've gone down from pumping 8x/day to 2 or 3x/day this whole WW thing isn't so easy.

Since we moved and my sisters wedding a few weeks ago I've gained about 5lbs back.  Not so bad for not paying attention to what I eat at all and eating mostly crap.  Okay, I get it.  I can't eat Volcano Burritos everyday, but gosh, they are SO good...mmm. No! I will not get one today.

I'm pumping my boobs now, getting every.last.drop out, hopefully i can do a #2 and then go.  (gross right? no. this is how you do when you are a WW member, it's not just me! i promise.) Hopefully things went at least a little better this past week, but I'm not really counting on it.

This coming week, I will track. I WILL TRACK.....for at least 3 days.  and I will only have fast food once. or twice. crap.

**update **

So, by some crazy act of God, I am down 2.2lbs this week.  I only think that's because I pooped and pumped the bewbs before going.  Thank you diet coke for your help in that matter.

I've already had fast food twice. Sick, seriously why do I love it SOOO much?!  We're about ready to go on a road trip, then have a family get together, then a night out with some friends and then the trip back home....HELLLOOOOOOOOOO WEIGHT GAIN!  meh.


  1. i've been wanting to try WW for the last while --- i have a ton of lbs i want to shed too!

  2. I have friends who are all about chocolate but give me a cheeseburger and beer and I'm good! It's so hard to loose weight, I know it can be done but it takes some serious lifestyle changes. When I move, I'm hoping to do it the old fashioned exercise and careful eating route. But I know from friends that WW works so I might look into that too xx