Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Weekend, Pt1

So my sister (who is 5 years younger than me, super awesome and getting married in less than two weeks) and I decided to have our first DIY extravaganza. She and her soon to be hubby just moved into a new cute apartment and as you know, we're moving into our new house in 3 (count it, 1,2,3!!) days. Seriously, what new living space doesn't need some new art?  We did 3 projects, but we're new to DIY, so it was totally an extravaganza, trust me. 

Our first project was found here.  In short, you take a plain outdoor rug and paint a word on it.  We used stencils, per the directions but then used spray paint instead of paint and a paint brush.  We probably should have heeded the directions, but they turned out well enough. If you do this and use spray paint, make sure to spray from directly above and not from the sides.  Also, we taped down parts of the paper with painters tape so that it wouldn't get blown around by the paint flying at it.

We used outdoor spray paint, $10 out door rugs from target and made our own stencils. 

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