Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is the last thing I will say about this.

Casey Anthony,  just because you were proven not guilty does not make you innocent.  I pray that there is justice for Caylee one day.  In the end, you are lucky to have to face the court of public opinion for now but God will make you face what you did.
I agree, there was no murder weapon with your prints on it, no confession, nothing that 100% points to you.  The jury did their job, and I'll respect that though I don't agree with it. I am sure that the public will make you pay.  I doubt your life will be as glamorous as you think it will. Have fun writing your books and making your made-for-tv movies. You'll blow through that money and be right back at your parent's house in no time, that is if they let you come back.
My heart broke when I heard that you wrote in a letter that when you were free you were going to get pregnant and have another baby.  Even if you didn't kill Caylee, you need HELP before you have another child. You and your entire family.

Now, back to life. 


  1. As difficult as it might be to watch her walk away there really wasn't enough evidence for the jury to convict her. I'm sure many people on the jury know she was responsible but they weren't provided with the evidence from the prosecution to prove it.

    Of course, guilty or not her life is over because everyone will know who she is and what she did. She won't be walking away.