Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm a mom and during naptime I do gross things...

Like make a ton of Brussels sprouts, eat them and ENJOY them! Oh they were so stinking good. My husband hates them, like most other people, but I love them!  If you care to know how I prepare them, I peel the outer leaves off, cut off the bottom and then cut them in half. Then I put a bit of olive oil and a crap ton of minced garlic into the pan.  Add the sprouts, some salt and pepper.  I cook them on lowish for about 20 minutes, stirring every so often.  Wait until the sprouts turn bright green and the inside has turned a little bit brown.  They should be much softer with a tiny crunch. MMMM i love them! 

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  1. You know, I didn't love them as a child but it really depends on how it's prepared. My mum sautes them real nice with bacon, delish! xx