Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave!

Okay, it's summer.  In the summer, the air gets hot. Always. Every single year.  I don't get why people are all freaking out.  We don't have AC and haven't complained once.   Okay, husband has.  But I have not.  B and I throw on our swimsuits and head to the baby pool on the deck or go downstairs to play where it is a bit cooler.  If it gets bad enough, we hop in the car and go to Target or the mall.  I just feel like everyone is being so super whiny.  Hellloooo you were bitching about winter for so long and now summer is here.  SUCK IT UP!

unless your job is to work outside, then that sucks.


  1. That sounds like the British way. We complain when it rains nonstop, then when the sun arrives we complain because its too hot. What can I say, people complain! xx

  2. I'm a complainer, too. ;) Just not about summer! I love me some summer...but I also love me some Fall, Winter and Spring!

  3. I didn't have AC for about 4-5 years, not even a window unit, and I survived. Sure, there were hot days (it gets crazy hot in MN in the summer, surprisingly!) but now this year we have central air and its ridiculous how quickly you get "used" to it and don't want to be out of it!